It’s easy to make people fall in love with traveling, if we know how to do it =)

Florence Domination

Rome underground domination (Metro Spagna).

Gay Pride.

Fiumicino Terminal (Rome).

Rome Termini

We wanted to know which kind of holiday our clients wanted. And what’s better than using their emotions?

For this reason we’ve used a software capable of understanding the facial expressions.

First, choose the type of holidays you’ve always dreamt of.

Then, activate camera and audio.

Put on your cutest face.

And enjoy the video.

After watching the video, the users could have 9 different outcomes, depending on how much they smiled/laugh/were sad.

Pocket Coffee is an Italian product by Ferrero.
Its heart of pure coffee brings motivation and “charge” to millions of Italians.

For the 2020 campaign, we’ve decided to talk with them and ask in which kind of situations they need to charge.

By doing this, we created a platform and a contest where people can upload their sentence.The next 3 videos were made for the launch of the campaign.